Investing in your Children - A Fashion Camp that will change them forever!

Posted: Mar 09 2016


Good afternoon lovely birds!

As a parent, I find myself on this magical journey trying to figure out who my children will become. I look to see what things they find interesting, and I do whatever I can to ensure that I expose them to more of that! At around the age of eight or nine, your children begin to show you glimpses of who they aspire to be and as parents, our job is to feed and nourish that. We all have that innate desire to ensure that our children have quality access to things that feed their curiosity.  That is one of the main reason why I created Design U, the first and only FASHION CAMP for children ages 8 to 14 here in Arizona. Last summer was the first summer for the camp, and we were overwhelmed by the over 40 girls and boys that attended.   With such positive reactions and responses from both Parent and student, we decided to do it again this year!  We looked at the results, reevaluated the curriculum, and now we are back this year with an even more engaging and meaningful camp for our second annual camp! 

The camp is more than simply an arts and craft camp, but more of a Designer Boot Camp for young girls who have a desire to illustrate, create collections and ultimately become a fashion designer! The curriculum is taught in a four day session where each young designer learns how to come up with a collection idea, how to look for inspiration, how to create a designer mood board, how to do basic illustration of a croquis (Fashion figure) and then move into some hand-sewing techniques and then a quick construction project.  This year, we are hoping to partner up with a manufacturing space so that students will have access to sewing machines and additional instruction by several other local designers. Design U is perfect for the young lady in your life that you see sketching and drawing on everything all the time. Do you know her? She is very fashionable and stylish even with what she wears to school. She has a Fashion Sense and a style that seems almost God-Given and Design U is the camp to really hone those skills and bring it out in her!

Just like we have been talking about investing in your fashionable self, now is also the time to begin investing in your fashionable child! There are many choices for parents, but if your child has an interest in how to sew, sketch and design, then this is the perfect camp for them to fine tune and develop those skills this summer! We will hold the camp in several locations in Scottsdale, Chandler and the West Valley, so visit our website In order to give quality instruction and have more one on one time with each student, I usually limit the camp to no more than 24 students per four-day session. Camp sessions fill quickly, so please ensure you get your little Fashionista signed up as soon as possible! The first camp session begins on Monday, June 13, 2016.

Happy learning.

Be Bold..
Be Brave..
Be You.


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