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Posted: Mar 30 2016


Hello my Lovers of Fashion and Style! I hope you have all had a restful few weeks catching up on projects and putting out beautiful Art..whatever your "canvas" may be! We certainly have and are back this week with some glorious eye candy to ignite something magical in you as it did us.  Guess what kicked off this Monday?


The Fall/Winter 2016 HERA SEOUL FASHION WEEK in Dongdaemun Design Plaza! Dressing the runway with toddler-styles, K-popstars, and aesthetic streetwear, this week we decided to highlight this magnificent cultural fashion space and movement.

Seoul has become such an international hotspot for the fashion movement, attracting style-seekers from all around the world. Korean fashion is well-known for their boldness and fearlessness when it comes to trying out new things and Fashion experimentation. They are one of the most fastest moving aspects in Fashion, this also applies to terms of trend-adoption and discarding. Korea has famously established a marriage between Beauty and Fashion and has become drastically influential, and it's no surprise that they have become a standard staple in this industry. 

We decided to take a strong, hard peek into the Seoul Fashion world by integrating their fashion movement and overall Fashion Week (March 21-16, 2016) into the blog this week. This week we noticed 3 main elements imbedded into the Fashion runway: K-POP STARS, STREET WEAR STYLES, & DISTINCTIVE AESTHETICS. This week was filled with beautiful goth, grunge, and deconstructed pieces; characteristic motifs and unique designs. This year was a scorching HOT year for showcasing new Fashion talent and up-and-coming designers. A few on the Designer Roster included: Jeon Sang Park, Jeong Min Choi, Yonan Kang, Kathleen Hannee Kye, & Jei Kim. 

A message that we like to incorporate into our mantra is "Culture is the widening of the mind and spirit"... keep an open mind and study with open eyes. Look at different aspects, elements, cultures and apply that to your fashion world... even if this means going beyond your realm of understanding. Observe global perspectives of Fashion by looking at how Fashion takes place in other countries and give it your own spin from a genuine and authentic perspective. You'll be amazed at what comes pouring out of you. Happy Designing...Cheers!

 Be Bold...
    Be Brave... 
Be You...



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