#askjo mini-beauty series: Your Eyes

Posted: Apr 06 2016


Hello My Lovers of Fashion / Beauty / Style!

April is a month of perfect weather!  It's spring time & the blossoming of all things beautiful.  Therefore, this month, we decided to embark on something a little special and shift our focus a bit to shed light on the BUSINESS OF BEAUTY.  We are beginning a mini-series of blogs on #askjo all around the BEAUTY Industry and all of the products that keep us looking fresh, young and pulled together! Let's kick off the month of Beauty with something trendy, hip & eye-opening... yes, LASHES! 

Oh the wonder of LASHES! As of late, LASHES have become such a strong trend for women of all ages! From young teens, to moms, to grandmothers... why so? That is exactly what we wanted to figure out. Aside from the obvious, what else makes lashes incredibly defining? We ourselves LOVE lashes, I mean, what woman doesn't want the batty-ness and eye twinkle? This week we decided to interview friend, entrepreneur, mother and all around amazing woman, hair & lash expert, THERESA FUENTES, owner of @LASH LOUNGE- a hip, cool lash studio in Scottsdale, Arizona dedicated to serving their customers and providing only QUALITY work and service! Can we just mention the very fitting modern name too? @Lash. LOVE IT! From humble beginnings to a thriving, successful lash business, let's take a peek into the life (and mind) of this marvelous woman!


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself- your passions, hobbies, family, experience.

I am a single mother of 4 wonderful children which I am most proud of. I have been in the beauty industry for over 29 years, I love meeting people and helping in anyway I can with their beauty needs. I have taught hair color, acrylic nails, my passion is truly all of it. I had a brain aneurysm 2 years ago which has made me very aware of the importance of my health so I work out as much as I can. I love to breath in the fresh air.

2. How did you come across the Idea of @lash? How did your business platform develop?
I had been working out of my kitchen doing hair when I took a class on eyelash extensions. That is how I started @LASH.... my dream would begin.
3. In this day and age, why are Lash extensions important?
Eyelashes are a service that can instantly open up your yes, an instant eye-lift. I also just branded IBROW products, the same concept as eyelashes. but for the eyebrow. They are eyebrow enhancements.
4. What is your advice for beauty entrepreneurs?
If i was to tell anyone anything...it is the truth thats why its a saying...when you want something bad enough, you will get it.
5. What other services do you offer?
I offer a lot of eye opener services:
-eyelash perm
-eyelash tint
-eye brow enhancement
-something for everyone.
We offer monthly club  prices for both.
I teach eyelash extension classes and eyebrow enhancement application. both get kits and certified.
6. For those interested, how can people reach you and find you for services?
We are a full service salon open 6 days a week
located on the NW corner of Scottsdale and Shea. 10620 N. 71st pl  suite b Scottsdale az 85253
7. In one sentence, what is your one message about @lash that you would like to share?
The one sentence i would describe @lash:
"It's a magical place where we make sure you completely satisfied."
We absolutely love that! "A magical place"... who doesn't love a customer-centric studio with amazing talent encompassing hard work, dedication and commitment? Back in the day, I was one of Theresa's earliest customers when she was doing lashes from her home!  I saw the vision then and am so proud of the amazing business she has built from the ground up. We truly see the importance of lashes and how it can drastically change a person's look; to help give women that "more open eye".  Theresa does an amazing job of exposing that beautiful nature. It's no wonder she only has top-notch reviews and stars! Here's the lovely Beauty tid-bit and fantastic feature of the week! 
Be Bold...
Be Brave... 
Be You...


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