#askjo mini-beauty series: Your Body

Posted: Apr 15 2016


Hello Lovely Fashionistas!  Hope everyone is enjoying our beauty mini-series and finding value in the details that we are exploring.

We are continuing our exciting adventure into the realm of BEAUTY and BUSINESS. This week, we decided to take a deeper diver into various perspectives & modalities of beauty treatments, trends, advancements and innovations. As we all know, beauty is a subjective facet... and the idea of BODY is definitely a significant one. We decided to ask ourselves...  How does one safely TONE, BURN FAT, SHAPE & TIGHTEN without undergoing invasive surgery? We have been so curious. Well, it is an honor to be able to interview successful entrepreneur and beauty expert, Jennifer Tumlinson, Co-Founder of LipoLucent. LipoLucent is a system created to help individuals achieve healthy body results, painlessly and effectively.

Meet Jennifer Tumlinson! Founder of AZ Medspa LLC in Tempe, and Co-founder of the world's leading body sculpting system, LipoLucent! Delve into our amazing interview with an innovative entrepreneur that has an inspiring and pursuing mission to help others!




Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in the beauty industry?

My name is Jennifer Tumlinson.  Prior to LipoLucent, my background was in Business Administration and IT – specifically in the medical field.  About four years ago, I was at a transitional point in my career. I was turning 44 and wanted to do something good for myself.  I always had an issue with abdominal weight and carried everything in the middle…I researched for almost a year to find something that I was non-surgical, pain-free and effective.  I located a product in the UK and finally found a place in locally to try it out.  By my fourth treatment, I was seeing inch loss and the beginning of a waist I NEVER had!  My life changed that day.  On my drive home that day, I made a commitment to help other people empower themselves that way I had.


How did you discover AZ Medspa LLC?

I founded AZ MedSpa’ LLC in 2013 to help people reach their body goals in an
environment that is relaxed and supportive using technology that is safe, affordable and
most importantly effective. We recently added a full line of aesthetics and targeted
medical massage to also help our clients look and feel their best.


How did you fall upon the the Lipolucent product?

My first year in business, I used the product from the UK on my clients. Although I got
great results, I was frustrated with end user and client convenience of the product. One
day I was working with a client and mentioned that the panels on the product needed to
be bigger and flexible. What I had been using was the size of a cell phone and just as
rigid. Although I didn’t know it at the time, it turned out that my client owned a LED light
company! We decided to collaborate and LipoLucent was born.


What specific demographic benefits Lipolucent the most?

Although the potential market for this service is large and includes men and women
over the age of 18 with no serious health issues, there are five very distinct LiopLucent
client profiles: Lifestyle conscious, age-related fat retention, lifestyle change, deadline-based, & lifestyle enabler.


What has Lipolucent done for yourself and/or previous customers?

LipoLucent has changed my life. I am 4 sizes smaller and have maintained that for 4
years. I now lead a healthier, happier, more informed and active life.


What is the best feature about Lipolucent?

You literally can melt fat and tighten your skin while you relax!


How long does the Lipolucent treatment take?

We see our clients twice a week for 45 minute sessions.  It includes twenty minutes of treatment and 10 minutes on a whole body vibration plate.

I love the fact that this treatment is for almost anyone that wants to see effective body results. Just to be clear, we at Black Russian label are all about a heathy lifestyle that includes exercise and healthy food choices.  However, we firmly believe that like make up, non-invasive enhancements is just another tool in your Fashion arsenal that can help you look and feel you absolute best.  

For those interested (or wanting more information) you can call the office (480) 894-8797. You can also arrange for a tour, ask questions or book an appointment.  You can also check out the website at www.AZMedSpaLLC.com.



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