#askjo mini-beauty series: Your Hair

Posted: Apr 20 2016


Fashion and Beauty? Well, we have the best of both worlds this month.  We have just been going crazy with excitement these past few weeks, honing in on the industry of Beauty. This day and age calls for innovations, hyper-trends, and beauty movements that are definitely making a deep mark in the concept of beauty. What is another essential element of beauty? Well, Locks of Love lovelies... yes, HAIR! Hair extensions to be exact. This week we were able to interview the marvelous Tammie Bradford: Founder of ATHENA HAIR EXTENSIONS. 

As a Master Class Instructor and Hair Expert, Tammie has over 30 years of experience in the Art of Hair Extensions. Her expertise and knowledge in the hair industry comes through in every class she teaches and the entire company. Quality is a motto in her business model, as she only provides top-notch, quality products and spectacular service to match. She is all about delivering a quality product that looks good and feels great, while promoting healthy hair growth and maintaining the integrity of the wearers natural hair.  As a successful figure in this industry, it was a delight to interview the Hair Extension mogul!




Tell us a little bit about yourself, Tammie!

I grew up in Denver before moving out to Arizona in the 90s. Today, I call Scottsdale my home but you will often find me in Tempe, where my salon is located.

When I’m not working like crazy, I love to travel—often going back to Colorado to see my family and in the winter, snowboard.

Just because I work in the beauty industry don’t let that fool you! One of my favorite hobbies is watching and cheering for my home team—the   Denver Broncos!

How did you come across the Idea of Athena Extensions?

After working in the industry for so many years, I saw the damage most extensions were doing to customer’s hair. I saw a need for a product that not only looked good but was good for the hair too. That is how my business was born and I was able to deliver a product that promoted healthy hair growth.

How did the business platform for Athena develop?

 In 2011, I purchased Natressa Hair Extensions. I eventually transformed that to Athena Hair Extensions, which gave the brand a fresh new look while maintaining the same great quality hair.

In this day and age, why are Hair extensions important?

The 21st century woman cares about her appearance and this includes her hair. Because of this, hair extensions have become a growing marketing from ages and ethnicities of all kinds. As women continue to look for ways to enhance beauty and embrace their femininity with age, the demand for extensions will continue to increase. As a business owner, it’s important that I continue to lead the industry with a product people trust – and Athena Extensions is just that. 

    You have become so successful in the Hair Extension industry! What is something that helped to support your success?

An e-commerce site! I’ve really built my business from the ground up. While I have stylists all over the country who order from me, it’s my website that makes it all possible. Stylists can go directly online and get whatever they need to and have it shipped within 48-hours. Without that, none of this would be possible.

What is one element that makes your business stand out from the rest?                    

One word—Quality!

We use 100 percent human Remy hair, the best on the market. Additionally, as a brand we pride ourselves on our bonds! Unlike other companies, our process is good on the hair and doesn't cause damage. Our process of putting in and removal is actually so gentle that we've been known to help thousands of customers grow out their natural hair after just a few sets.

Can you share one cool hair tip for us?

Hair extensions or not, one thing I always tell my clients is to never use boxed hair dye! Going in to a salon and having a profession color your hair, will help ensure the proper strength of chemicals are used and that you hair isn't being over processed.

What is your advice for beauty entrepreneurs?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world! In the beauty market there is always someone trying to take your place. In order to stay relevant, you have to have a strong work ethic, great people skills and the drive. Additionally, continue to stay educated. I often teach extension education classes as a way for stylist to stay up-to-date on the industry.

Without those three things, it can be hard to stay at the top. 

 In your opinion, how has the beauty industry changed? And how has the Hair Extension industry evolve?

The beauty industry has changed in many ways. From new technology that has enhanced tools we use to the advanced science behind the way hair care, dyes are made, we are now in an industry that is full of exploration and creativity unlike ever before.

Like the beauty industry, the hair extension industry is similar. I think the biggest thing for extensions though are time. With the tools and products available today, it has significantly decreased the amount of time it takes to do extensions making the process more efficient.

Hair extensions can dramatically enhance your look and style.  They are a great beauty addition if you're wanting to spice things up a bit with your hairstyle, or just simply want to aim for a new look! You can call: 720-629-0180 or hop on their hip website/social media: www.athenaextensions.com on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tammiebradford or www.facebook.com/athenaextensions.com



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