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Posted: May 18 2016

Every so often I feel like I am on an Island.  A lonely Fashion Island where if I am not showing lots of skin, cleavage or legs for day, I won't make a big splash!  It sometimes feels like in the Fashion business, in order to be honored and recognized for your craft, you have to be a character, on a reality show or have vulgar clothes that continue to perpetuate the stereotype of women as sexualized objects. 
To that, I say NO THANK YOU, even if that does mean my brand grows a bit slower. The growth will be purposeful and mindful and always honor my original vision of changing the way women FEEL about THEMSELVES.  I sit and think of classic styles that fit well, making the Black Russian woman feel chic, polished and as though she is wearing a well curated piece of Art.  Dare I say it, sorry no plunging necklines to your naval or obligatory side cut outs.  See, Fashion for me is all about honoring the woman's body, playing up her feminine strengths and being firm about who you are GENUINELY and AUTHENTICALLY.  It's about constructing beautiful clothes that fit a woman's hour-glass figure, while hugging her in all the right places.  Simply put, its a Design philosophy that takes into account INNOVATION, STYLE, FUNCTION and FIT.
So there I was, on my lonely Fashion Island and I started to think, how can we spread this movement of clothes that are stylish, fit well and are well curated?  And so I looked around and it dawned on me, I would search high and low to hand pick Lovers of Fashion, die-hard classic Fashionistas, Style Mavens and Stylish curators and bring them along on this journey flying our Chic Fashion Flags high and wide.  And so it began, a Style Influencer group/Advisors that share a similar vision, taste level and were out there making a Fashionable splash of their own all over the world.  We would be a Chic Style Tribe on a mission to help women feel good..no GREAT about themselves.  As we grow Black Russian Label and make our way through the International terrain we, are looking for unique Style Influencers and Ambassadors that can help us tell the Global BRL story, position the brand and solidify it's messaging worldwide. And so it began and we are currently looking for Bloggers, Stylists, Make Up Artists, Fashion Editors, Musicians, Models and Entrepreneurs that embody what we consider remarkable, innovative taste and an on trend Style that is done in a unique and interesting way.                                                                                                                                                                           
  Be Bold...
    Be Brave...
 Be You...


  • Posted by Ellen Dayan on September 10, 2016

    I love your philosophy and your designs. They are so flattering and exciting! I usually have to pass on the “sexy” stuff because I have a very strong sense that my body is “a temple” and I don’t use it to command attention anymore. I use my heart, my mind, my voice, and my spirit to connect with people. This clothing is bold and fun and I think you are soooo talented! Great stuff!

  • Posted by Tatiana Young on May 18, 2016

    You are such an incredible woman. I’m so honored to have worked with you and learned from you because it has shaped a new way of how I view myself and how I want to be viewed.


    I would love to hear more about this. Let’s chat soon!!!

    Love ya

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