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Posted: Sep 02 2015


                 .....Count down. YOU ASKED...We LISTENED!



In the world of Beauty and Fashion there are many trends, fads, silhouettes and products.  How do you decipher what is HOT, NEW and A MUST HAVE? 

By reading the new BLACK RUSSIAN LABEL #ASKJO blog of course!  

Black Russian Label will be bringing you the coolest, most current "finger on the pulse" info on STYLE, FASHION AND BEAUTY.  And to help do that we created #ASKJO, a weekly blog that highlights Hot Fashion Trends, Innovative Beauty products and the latest and greatest in Fashion Styling.

Even more than just great information on everything Fashion, we want to be your go to place to ask all of your fashion or styling questions from how to wear red lipstick to when and how to rock Fall's favorite style - FRINGE!  ASK ANYTHING FASHION RELATED and the Master's level designer and Fashion Instructor Joanna de'Shay herself will give you her thoughts and insight.



It's a blazing Arizona summer day at Tempe Town Lake and in order to set the proper stage for the #ASKJO blog, we decided to put the designer in the interview chair and in front of the camera to ask her a few questions about the vision, mission and goals of contemporary women's label Black Russian.

#ASKJO:   What initiated the idea to begin your own fashion line?

I wanted to change the way Women felt about themselves and one of the biggest ways to do just that is by changing her relationship with the clothes she wears.  Fashion can be transformative, and I wanted to fully embrace and harness the feminine power that most women don't even realize they have!

#ASKJO:   Who is the biggest inspiration in your life?
My Mom Galina is one of my biggest influences.  She is the epitome of strength, grace and style.  My mom brought my sisters and I here on her own from West Africa in order for us to have a better Education.  It was always (and still is) about what is BEST for us.  Just think about it for a moment.  A single Mom with three girls ages 11, 12 and 13 moved from West Africa, which wasn't her original home (My Mom is Russian) to Phoenix Arizona.  If that's not BRAVE then I don't know what is.  
#ASKJO:   What is your thought on eco-fashion?
I think that we all have to be kinder to the Earth point blank or there won't by anything left for us to worry about!  Eco-Fashion although uber trendy right now, should really be more of an attitude and a position that we take when we make clothes, or harvest food or create products.  It's about being mindful about the amount of resources consumed in order to create something and also about the amount of waste created as a result.  Eco-Fashion should really just be renamed "conscious fashion" and isn't that what we as human beings should all be anyway? Just saying...
#ASKJO: What is your favorite upcoming fall piece that you are most excited about?
I am a boot girl and I love, love, love a good boot.  There is something exciting about that first chill in the air where you can begin to dust off your favorite boots and shop for new styles.  What I also love about this upcoming fall piece is the dramatic lengths that boots are taking this Fall/Winter.  It's almost like the taller (we're talking over the knee, right up to mid thigh) the better!  See the pics I pulled below to get a visual of what I am talking about.
#ASKJO: What is your advice for beginner entrepreneurs?                                                  
NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER let someone tell you that your dream can not become a reality or is not attainable. Choose your destiny and decide today that you will walk in it. Now that the choice is made, begin planning and being strategic about your time and the things you will do intentionally to become successful.  Being an Entrepreneur is not for the faint at heart, it is a constant grind that requires you to be organized, focused and always have foresight for where your business is headed.  Also when you begin don't be so hard on yourself.  Give yourself time to breathe and enjoy the journey and not be so worried about the final destination.  We live in this hyper "instant" social media driven society where everyone wants to be famous.  I don't want fame, I want to do good work, garner respect for that Artistry and design beautiful things that people find joy and pride in wearing and owning. 


So Sit back, grab some coffee and get ready to take notes...Fashion School (The Real World version) is in session.


    BE BOLD...
      BE BRAVE..
  BE YOU...








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