Lime Light at Sundown

Posted: Sep 16 2015

Model: Louie Reyes
Hello Beautiful Birds!
We hope you had a wonderful and productive weekend and got a chance to spread your wings! Black Russian Label wanted to put a little brightness and vivid color into your day this week with this Margarita Lime-Green BRL Nomad Chic top (style #201503) that has completely detachable sleeves! Who knew that one simple top could be so versatile.  Wear it zipped up with both sleeves, get your attitude on by completely detaching only one sleeve or wear it sleeveless with your perfect scarf (as shown above) for a careful pop as you enter into fall. The wonderful thing about this unique piece is that it is extra durable and versatile with a striking asymmetrical hemline, perfect for that skin-tight pair of jeans. THANKFULLY, our heated summer is approaching it's end, and we find this lime green piece the perfect POP OF COLOR and the absolutely perfect way to transition into fall while achieving  a little "green envy"... (*hint hint).
What say you Miss Joanna de'Shay!?  Creative thoughts on this piece... as well as a few other delightful topics many of our readers have been ANTICIPATING...



ASKJO:  Can you shed a little light behind the development of this lime-green top?

The Nomad Chic top is an experiment in style, comfort and versatility.  It truly was created as a necessity for the Black Russian Woman and what she has to do in a typical day.  It allows her to start off her day in meetings, fittings, appointments etc. looking pulled together and perfectly tailored.  The top then does double duty by allowing for a "transformation" into the late afternoon/early evening by simply unzipping, detaching and storing away the sleeves.  My BRL woman can now throw on a pair of flats and watch her kids play football or basketball and not have to worry about being "overdressed".  Then presto, she throws on a chunky necklace, stilettos and it's off to meet hubby for dinner or friends for drinks (No need to carry around a bag with a change of know who you are) Make your clothes fit your lifestyle and not the other way around. So now, let's say you are saying to yourself, love the top, not sure if the color will work for my skin tone...well lucky you because we thought of that, and made this funky top in three color ways, Slate gray, Green and Tan!!!  Happy dressing.


Model: Ketonya Bankston                      

ASK JO:  How do you find inspiration in everyday Life with your designs?
Coco Chanel had a Famous saying..."Fashion is all around you".  I love that saying and subscribe to that notion as an Artist. I am a product of my environment and need not look too far to find true inspiration.  As a designer, I travel everywhere with my notebook, camera and sketch pencils and make sure to both pay attention to the little things and stop to "smell the roses".  I never know when I will have a desire to capture something to be used at a later date. I literally don't know when or where I will use it, but capturing that inspirational image really helps me recall a specific silhouette, shape or texture that I loved later.  Learn to pay attention and use what's around you to create your unique voice and style.
ASKJO:  What's your recommendation on how to stay fashionable during these hot summer months?
Summer dressing can be tough since honestly most of us just really feel like running around without any clothes on.  But since that is both impractical (Think of sunburns in unimaginable places) and/or illegal, we have to resort to wearing clothes, so here it goes: Keep it light and airy and let color be your friend.  The key thing to remember about summer is that there is little fabric to hide behind, so ensure that you spend the extra time finding the proper fit.  It is imperative to also note that not all styles suit all body types.  While those micro short shorts are a hit this summer, they are not flattering if you have super large legs (present company included) so just forgo that style and get a longer pair of shorts that will make you look both leaner and taller. Pair it with a light weight blazer, casually draped over your shoulders and you will look Parisian chic effortlessly.
ASK JO:  How do you successfully transition between Seasons? 
You don't need an entirely separate wardrobe to transition your designs from the summer months to cooler weather, it's called layering people, so learn to master it and use what you have. Get cute summer tops that fit well are versatile and can easily be thrown under a blazer as the temp begins to come down and then maybe even throw on top of a denim shirt and a blazer on top for when the temps really start to dip down (which for us here in AZ is like 70 degrees)! Learn to play around with layering and do something unexpected like a long sleeve body suit under your favorite spaghetti strap dress, tights and a belt and you are ready for cool winter fun with a summer staple.  
Stay stylish and wonderful, lovelies! Until next time! XO
    BE BOLD...
     BE BRAVE..
 BE YOU...


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