Phoenix Turns uber "Fashionable" for 3 Days in October!

Posted: Sep 23 2015



[ model:  Sheba Price. Photographer: Sweet Culture. Nomad Chic Dress Style #201501 ]      

Heydi-ho lovely birds!!!

October is right around the Corner and GUESS what is soon approaching us!?

THINK ABOUT IT... bright, flashing carpets...fabulous looks... photographers ready on the sidelines... beautiful models grazing the runway...emerging and established designers...and a buzz that is electrifying the entire Valley of the Sun! 

If you thought anything along the lines of Fashion Weeks, you are absolutely right! Right on the heels of London Fashion Week is our very own curated Fashion event PHOENIX FASHION WEEK, taking place October 1st - 3rd at Talking Stick Resorts in Scottsdale Arizona.  This much anticipated leading Fashion Industry Event in the Southwest includes fashionistas, bloggers, celebrities, fashion designers...celebrities...stylists and anyone who gives a hoot about Fashion in general!  So a little known secret about me is that I had the privilege to be named one of the first Emerging Designer Winners at Phoenix Fashion week back in 2009 when the competition first began...We all Won really!  It was an exhilarating experience for me and I am so proud of what the Emerging Designer program has evolved into over the years.

The #askjo blog team will be in attendance ready to give you sneak peaks of what was seen on and off the runways and most importantly we will get a chance to talk to the AMAZING WOMEN beside the Executive Director Brian Hill.  These bad ass women literally put their blood, sweat and tears into making this event look virtually flawless every year.  So stay tuned for the next two blogs where we will interview and pay tribute to the first ladies of Phoenix Fashion week. You will not want to miss meeting these fearless women and read their interviews. 

FYI, Wondering what to wear to Phoenix Fashion Week to look both Chic and pulled together, the Nomad Chic Dress above is the perfect Fashionable ticket. (AVAILABLE IN #PINK #BLACK!) This piece is so wonderfully versatile, and has sleeves that unzip and can be completely detached!!!  So two sleeves, one sleeve or no sleeves, you will look fly and on the cutting edge in this contemporary beauty.  Simply pair it with a few bold solid silver pieces, a little bit of leather, a tad of color and boom! It's the perfect way to feel like you're ready to walk that red carpet with style and grace...



For the first few blogs, I asked the entire BRL Team to fire questions at me so that readers can see my style and get a good idea of what makes me who I am.

I take Fashion seriously and I want my Fashionable readers to see just that.   So here we go...


ASKJO: What is biggest thing you look forward to about Phoenix Fashion Week?

I am super excited about seeing the Emerging Designers and what they have put together.  The competition is pretty fierce this year, so it should be a good showing.  I am also excited about catching up with the many models, photographers, designers, bloggers, customers and Fashionistas that I sometimes won't get to see but this time of year.  It is always exciting and nerve racking as we all decide which fashionable threads we will throw on for the night.  For those that have BRL in their closet, let's rock it together one or all of those nights.

ASKJO: Tell us about your favorite memory about Phoenix Fashion Week thus far?

I have such fond memories of all of the Phoenix Fashion Week's I have had the pleasure to attend. The sights, the sounds, the smell of hairspray and the MUA's and Hairstyles frantically working to create these amazing looks, it's all just brilliant! The first one though in 2009 was the best for me and holds a very special place in my heart.  It was a little chaotic but raw and exciting and you could tell from the energy in the air that Brian was on the cusp of something amazing. That time still makes me smile. 

ASKJO: What is your advice for future-fashionistas and designers that want to participate in Phoenix Fashion Week?

Just do the damn thing...point blank.  There will never be a right time, you will never be ready, have enough money or time.  But once you begin you will realize that like being in business Failure is not an option and that you have to just do it! Go ahead and make the mistakes here in a learning, supportive incubator then learn from them and most importantly move onward and upward!






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