FIRST LADIES of Phoenix Fashion Week Part III - Vanessa, Christina and Liz.

Posted: Oct 16 2015


Happy Fabulous Fashion Friday Fashionistas (say that three times fast)!!! Hoping that you are all home, relaxing and unwinding from your tough week, combing through your closets, looking for something fun to wear tonight.  

Today I wrap up our series on the "First Ladies of Phoenix Fashion week" and am sad that we don't get a whole month to dedicate to these AWESOME ladies. In this last #askjo blog series on Phoenix Fashion week, I highlight three additional, Fabulous First Ladies of Phoenix Fashion Week and show you just why this event has been so successful and has placed Arizona on the Fashion map. As we learn more about each and every member of the Phoenix Fashion Week Executive team, I see a pattern of strong work ethics, diligence, hard-work, tenacity, vision and passion unravel. It inspires me and drives me to work even harder. 



STYLE LEADER. Find out in this exclusive interview why she was named "Ambassador of the Year"!!!

Define “Fashion”

Fashion for me is feeling. Its how articles of clothing make you feel. Fashion can be artistic, or it can be something trendy. For me Fashion doesn't just have one meaning. 

Everyone has to start somewhere. What was your first job within the Phoenix Fashion week organization?

I started out with Phoenix Fashion week in May of 2012 as an ambassador volunteer. I attended every event and made sure the team knew who I was. Brian kept asking " Who is this Vanessa girl?" By the time Fashion week came around, Brian definitely knew who I was because I was at every meeting, every event and worked my butt off. That year I was named Ambassador of the year, and I never looked back. 

What one thing do you LOVE most about your role with Phoenix Fashion week?

I love my team. Dynelle, Brenna, Lauren, Brian, Christina, Abbei, they are like my family members, and probably my favorite part of fashion week. My second favorite is watching the emerging designers grow, it is insane how much talent comes through fashion week and I am so lucky that I get to be a part of that. 

Define SUCCESS in reference to this Year’s Fashion Week?  What made it successful and what can you measure to gauge that?

To me Phoenix Fashion week has brought fashion to city that could have never dreamed of it, and THAT IS SUCCESS!!!!   Our brand continues to grow each year, and is getting better and better with time.  In my opinion our success is measured by our emerging designers and their growth after our program. They are one of the most important parts of our brand, and we couldn't not continue to grow without them.  

What motivates you to continue your work with Phoenix Fashion week and Fashion in Arizona?

My passion for the Phoenix fashion week brand is what motivates me. My team, the designers, the models, all of those things motivate me. Brian's vision for the future of our brand also motivates me. Brian really does have a spirit about him that lights a fire under you, and I would follow him blindly through just about anything. 

Who inspires you the most in fashion? Anyone who stands out?

Well my favorite fashion icon is Olivia Palermo. She has the most effortless style, and to me there is really no one with better personal style. 


Unfortunately, due to my schedule and our short blog lead time and deadlines,  I was unable to interview CHRISTINA ZIEGLER  Director of Guest Relations or LIZ RILEY, Director of Education for Phoenix Fashion Week.  I will make a promise to circle back so that you get a chance to hear more about their wonderful journey in Fashion and just how they got connected with Phoenix Fashion week.  I would be remised if I didn't take the time to acknowledge them and Thank them for their hard work and dedication.



This quiet storm, Fashion veteran has been in the Fashion game since the early 80's.  She is fierce and has a classic, iconic style about her that seems effortless.  She has worked as a buyer and Manager for the California Market Center and currently consults with Phoenix Fashion week as their Education Director.  Liz is a wealth of information and has worked with Industry giants such as Frances Harder (Author of Fashion of Profit) and many others. She is also one of the most genuinely kind and caring people you will ever meet. 




This self professed Half rad, Half bad #halfradhalfbad Fashion Diva is my secret woman crush :-).  With a brick house body to die for, this Fashionista killed it nightly all three nights I saw her at Phoenix Fashion week this year. She is witty and funny and has the best smile you have ever seen, plus her eyebrow game is on point!!! Even when under constant pressure to please everyone and in the midst of organized Chaos, Christina kept it all together and kept the front row of the shows looking so fresh and so clean-clean!!!  I admire her tenacity, drive and sheer determination to get it done at all cost and may I add with style.  If you saw her and her sparkling clipboard at Fashion week you would agree.

Remember, it takes absolutely nothing away from you to stop, praise, recognize and celebrate other people who are doing an amazing job of changing the landscape of Fashion!!!  Thank you for joining us for our first ever #askjo fashion blog series on THE FIRST LADIES of Phoenix Fashion Week! 




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