BRIGHT,BOLD Florals...YES, you can and should.

Posted: Oct 23 2015

Hello my beautiful Fashionistas!
Yes are Beautiful and Strong and simply Amazing.  Hope you had a glorious week and looked fabulous while getting it all done!  
So a few of you have been asking about wearing Florals in the Fall and I say YES YOU CAN!  The trick is to pick the right size floral print (hint bigger is better), perfect hue (think muted tones)  and then layer, layer layer.  If you keep these rules in mind,  interjecting a bold, oversized, floral print and color into your Fall/winter wardrobe will be effortless.  First I say, go for it because it will make you stand out and can literally brighten up a drab, gloomy, fall day. I wanted to show you just how to do that with our Nomad Floral mini dress which is one of my all-time BRL FAVES!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 This gorgeous, versatile mini dress (shown in a custom, limited print) can easily be paired with a great pair of tights in purple, burnt orange or for a little more subtle look, brown or black.  Then begins the fun part, the layering process!  I would suggest layering with something innovative like a distressed denim vest and studded Black or brown leather jacket.  This will keep the look interesting by mixing textiles and textures.  Or if you are rocking it to the office, simply pair with a structured blazer and colorful scarf and you are off. Now don't forget the footwear.  Since its fall, it's the perfect time to Rock a short studded bootie or to the knee with funky two tone riding boots, all depends on your mood and style that day.  That's what we love about the Urban Chic dress, it is versatile and can transition easily from Spring to Fall with no muss no fuss.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
I wore the Nomad Floral Mini dress a few evenings ago to the Phoenix Art Museum for the "Gods and King" Lecture on Alexander McQueen.  I wore one of my favorite fall hats in a carmel brown to top off the look and felt fabulous and stylish, ready to take on the cooler weather.  I got a lot of compliments for wearing the unexpected hat indoors and paired with an off the shoulder dress to boot.  Oh and yes, I did have on some stylish booties.  Now I have not quite begun the layering process just yet as it is still fairly warm (About 78 degrees) here in Arizona, but the minute it dips down below 65, I am all over the scarf game and leather jacket with my Urban Nomad Mini dress.  So remember, you can wear floral in fall you just have to wear the right florals.  Oversized florals are no longer just for Spring and summer and can be rocked in all season!


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