DOING IT "RIGHT" - 5 Trendy Fall Must Haves

Posted: Nov 04 2015


Hello my lovely Fashion Birds! Listen, let's get real for just a second.  I know that with the weather cooling down, many of you want to hide in oversized sweats and chuck "STYLE" right out the window.  And to that I say...Please don't.  Let's all keep it together and figure out the little stylish touches that we can add to our Fall/Winter wardrobe to make it POP, POP, POP.  Yes the weather is cooling down but it doesn't mean that your style sense has to.  We scoured the 5 runway shows from NYC to Milan and picked the 5 MUST have TRENDS that you should definitely add to your Fall/Winter wardrobe NOW!


1)     PANCHO 
Versatile, chic, and trendy, this piece implements bold colors, fine fabrics, and absolutely rich in style. This oversized fashion piece fits just perfectly with neutral or pastel colors. Layer up and be cozy!
2)      HIGH-WAIST 
High-waisted... ANYTHING just sings to our little fashion-loving hearts! Skirts or pants, this piece can add the right amount of pizazz and to any modern silhouette. Pair with an oversized top or blouse, add a leather-based belt and Voile! 
3)     FRINGE 
Fringe pieces add a bit of flare to just about any outfit this Fall. This South American-inspired fashion statement is the perfect balance to add a dash of texture and style. Fringe pieces come in an array of colors and tones, so don't be shy and experiment with those beautiful fringes!
An ULTIMATE Fall staple, the leather jacket is the epitome of style, chic, and classy taste. No one can argue that this is a MUST-HAVE in any closet... 
Pair with your favorite dress, scarf, or even just a plain white t-shirt and favorite pair of jeans and pointed heels. Everyone can agree that this is a LOVE piece.
Fall is about experimentation, and I dare you to give this Fashion trend a twirl. This is a bold pairing to just about any type of outfit, but add that touch of BOLDNESS this Fall. Be it oversized winter hats, floppy hats, even beanies!
From nude shades to rich palettes, seriously guys, you can't go wrong with this piece. HAVE FUN!


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