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Posted: Nov 18 2015

Hello Fashion Birds!
Do we have something great in store for you! (no pun intended, friends)....
We like to consider her a fashion integration, a walking inspiration, a "Fashion Physician" per se... meet the Founder of STYLE STALKERS, LLC, Kentonya Bankston! Treating fashion--- from hair styling, make-up application, wardrobe assessment, personal style diagnosis to successful event planning, STYLE STALKERS is your one-stop shop! For fashion advice and image consulting, Ketonya Bankston has taken her passion and has transformed it into a successful, breathing fashion consulting business. We find truth in her very own words, "Fashion is something that you are born with", which she has portrayed day-in and day-out, dynamically. Gain exclusive insight from a remarkable interview with a professional model, entrepreneur and fashion gem.

Style Stalkers LLC Founder, Ketonya Bankston

Style Stalkers is a truly inspirational blog! Where and how did the idea of STYLE STALKERS originate?

I have a talented family and we were in business together creating art, putting on fashion shows and following our artistic passions long before we began the business. One day while sitting and discuss business ventures with one of my younger brothers Shimeon Matter, we decided that we needed to really take our talents more serious and create a business that surrounded all of our artistic talents; one that could be shared with the world. We brainstormed names and came up with Style Stalkers, LLC; a monthly fashion blog that offers an array of fashion services such as: personal shopping, event planning, fashion show production, closet makeover, personal head-to-toe makeover, fashion styling, one on one model coaching, one on one makeup lessons and more….

You are such a dynamic influencer, who has been the biggest inspiration/catalyst to your career?

My mother and grandmother are my biggest inspirations. When I was a child I would watch my mother put her makeup on every morning! I knew that someday I wanted to grow up to be just as beautiful as she was and do my makeup just as great as she did. My Grandmother Alberta on the other hand was my fashion inspiration. She was a glamorous woman that loved to dress in fabulous clothing from cashmere sweaters, sequenced blouses to silk pants. She was total glam.

What is your favorite traditional winter trend?

You can never go wrong with the perfect scarf. Scarves can be dressed up or dressed down. They’re a very versatile piece to add to one’s wardrobe.

What does your normal day-to-day routine consist of? 

My first rule of thumb in makeup is that No amount of makeup looks good on bad skin! Therefore, I always make sure to cleanse, use a toner and moisturize every day whether I wear makeup or not. I NEVER forget to use a moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or higher.

In regards to makeup, what are your suggestions on how women can make a statement this holiday season?

You don’t have to make a statement by being over the top. In most cases, less is more. If you’re going to accentuate the eyes, the lips need to be played down. You can add an artistic bold eye-liner by using a liner with a color such as blue, purple or green. If you’re going to have a bold lip, the eyes should have minimal focus. You can definitely play up the lip and the eyes, but only for the right occasion. You should never appear over-made or as though you’ve tried too hard.

Arizona is definitely feeling the winter vibes this year… Do you have one winter holiday makeup trick?

Absolutely, each night after removing my makeup and using my toner I apply a nickel size amount of Vaseline to my entire face and neck. I take-off the excess with a cotton swab. This locks in the natural moisture already on my face and neck and my face is inadvertently left feeling tremendously smooth.

What is your advice on keeping it fashionable this year?

In my personal opinion, it’s not a matter of being fashionable. It’s a matter of allowing your personal “STYLE” to come through your fashion. You shouldn’t look like a mannequin. The purpose of a mannequin is to build from that look and personalize it. 

What is one advice you would give to inspiring entrepreneurs?

If God blessed you with the vision, He can bless you with the reality of that vision.Proverbs 29:18- Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

From business, to winter styling, to deeply-rooted advice, thank you Ketonya for being a inspiring example of a BRL woman!





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