Giving THANKS and Showing GRATITUDE

Posted: Nov 25 2015

Hello there my Fashion Lovers and Fashionable Friends.  Hope you are having a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving week.  Last week, as I was sitting in my studio with my favorite coffee in hand, finalizing all of the holiday ad campaigns that have been designed for BRL to partake in the frenzy of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday I found that I was profoundly saddened by it all.  Sad because of what the holidays have been reduced to in the Retail World.  Sad because they started running Christmas ads, and decorating stores a mere one week after Halloween was done!  Sad because for me as a designer, I make beautiful things to make women feel centered, loved, revered and special.  I am not a used cars salesman, banking that I will make all of my revenue or commission in one quarter.  It all starts to feel raw and wrong and then I remember, HEY I am the boss and if I decide that we are going to do things differently at BRL, then so be it.  So that is exactly what I did and this season have decided to make it all about Family, Peace, Joy and Love.  
Now don't get me wrong, I am hoping that when you are looking for that perfect Black dress for that New Year's Eve party that you think BLACK RUSSIAN or need that unique, snazzy jumpsuit for the holiday party that you again think BLACK RUSSIAN!!!  What I don't want to do is be a part of the Retail Rat Race that says that you must buy my garments in this short window of time in order to get the best "savings" or "deals" I have to offer.  It all seems so contrived and just not genuine and authentic to who we are here at Black Russian Label.  
So Today, I say NO!!!!
So no ads or campaigns geared to any one of these things. What I will simply say is this.  We work so hard all year long and barely get time to spend with the ones we love and are then inundated with sales and specials and deals that add so much unnecessary pressure to an already stressful time of year, that I say let's TAKE IT BACK!!!  Let's take back our time, money and attention and spend it intentfully on the things that we love.  I say let's give Thanks for our homes, healthjobs and our cars that are still running.  Give Thanks for our aging Parents that some of us are still lucky to have with us.  As a small symbol of my gratitude to you for your unwavering support in 2015, I simply say THANK YOU!!!!  Thank you for your referrals, kind words, purchases and commitment to help grow my small business.  We will all make purchases this holiday season, so instead of buying into the media hype of buying from large, big-box retailers, why not spend your money intentfully and purchase from a  Minority, woman-owned small business such as BLACK RUSSIAN LABEL. To help ease the burden a bit, please accept a THANK YOU GIFT from me to you of 40% off, not for one or two days but straight through into 2016.  The Thank-you 40% off discount code (THANKU40) is good from November 25th - January 4th 2016.  So get yourself, your wives, your sister or girlfriend that special BRL piece you have been eyeing all year round.  And no rush to do so.  No getting dressed at the crack of dawn to battle a crowd and stress over parking.  Nice and easy at your fingertips to use whenever you have a spare minute after rolling around with the kiddos, playing board games, making hot chocolate, cooking, baking cookies, decorating the house or whatever your FAMILY does to celebrate the holidays. I am Thankful and grateful this holiday season for family and my little guys AJ and Christian who remind me everyday that ANYTHING is possible and that FAMILY ALWAYS COMES FIRST!

So tell me, what are you THANKFUL for this holiday season?
  Be BOLD...
    Be BRAVE...
Be YOU...


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