Art Institute student to hit runway at NY Fashion week!

Posted: Jan 20 2016



Hello lovely birds!

Boy, do we have a special treat for you!

We are uber-excited about this, and we must say, it was an unbelievable honor to interview one of our very own Art Institute of Phoenix students, Alejandra Insunsa! Alejandra was accepted to showcase her collection next month at New York Fashion Week! Her collection will hit the Runway during the Art Institute's Student showcase on Tuesday February 16th at 8:00 p.m.  What's even more astounding about her, is that she is the very first student from AI Phoenix to showcase at NYFW. This very sweet, beautiful and humble student & designer has amazingly remarkable talents. Her finesse in her art, her dedication to her craft, and her unrelenting persistence will get her very far in this industry!  I had the distinct pleasure of having Alejandra in one of my upper division design classes and it was evident from Day #1 that she was born to Design.  So proud of you.

Check out our interview with Miss Alejandra... her thoughts, her advice, and discover where her deepest roots of inspiration lay.

Take a peek into our interview with our very own, Miss Alejandra Insunsa!

1. Why Fashion? What do you love about it?

Simply because I cannot see myself doing anything else. I love the design process and I especially love the outcome. I just want to design clothes and nail it!


2. How did you feel when you heard the news that you had been selected to show?

When I heard the news I started shaking, shouting, and crying like crazy. (Of course only my daughter was around) I had to read the email like about five times just to make sure I wasn't wrong because I couldn't believe it.


3. What is the inspiration for the NYC Fashion Week show?

The silence of emotional transitions to innovative beginnings inspired my collection for Fall 2016. I wanted to create a memorable collection with the sense of calmness and innovation while keeping it smooth and architectural in terms of silhouette.


4. What standout pieces are you most proud of (if you have any photos of these, that'd be so great)

There's something about every piece in my collection that I am proud of. But if I really have to pick one it would be my finale dress. This design started out as a doodle that looked like a perfume bottle and seemed like almost impossible to create. I have to say that it was quite a challenge creating some pieces, but seeing it possible to be created from sketch to garment is what I'm proud of the most.


5. What's next for your collection and label?

I am a person with big dreams and I am open to go wherever the road takes me. Needless to say, I will continue to work hard and grow in the fashion industry.


6. What are 3 things/pieces of advice that you would like to share with other Fashion Design students?

 My advice to other fashion design students is to be original, stay motivated, and enjoy every moment in the design process.


We look forward to seeing Alejandra do AMAZINGLY next month at NYFW! Want to see more behind-the-scenes with Miss Alejandra? Follow her on Instagram: @alejandrainsunsa






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