#askjo Decoding NY Fashion Week

Posted: Jan 27 2016

It's time again for Fashion week and everyone is rummaging through their closet for the perfect ensemble that says chic and interesting without being garish and downright tacky.  Over the years, there seems to be more Fashion happening on the streets outside the tents than on the actual runways.  BUT, have you ever wondered who gets invited to Fashion Week? How you get to attend shows?  What shows actually happen during New York Fashion Week?  Well wonder no more my little Fashion Birds, because we thought we would take a few minutes to decode NY Fashion Week and all of its nuances for you.  
The OFFICIAL New York Fashion Week is an 8 day Fashion event that showcases collections from over 70 Fashion Designers from all around the world.  Fashion Week is produced by 7th on Sixth, originally formed by the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 1993, then acquired by IMG in 2001.  NY Fashion Week was created to help promote predominantly American Fashion Designers, by giving them a platform where their collections can be seen, talked about and photographed by the hundreds of International photographers, bloggers and stylists in attendance.                                                                               
Fashion Week takes place twice a year in February and September at the Lincoln Center and its official Sponsor is Mercedes Benz!  This February the shows will be held from February 11th - 18th 2016.                                                                                                    
Held at the Lincoln Center, there are also many other shows throughout the City at other venues such as MILK and hotels such as the Hotel Penn.                                                       
Now here is the sad news.  The Fashion Week Shows are typically "by invitation only" and the list is managed by the Fashion Designer and their Management/Production teams.  The shows are attended by Celebrities, Clients of the brand, Journalist including bloggers, Buyers, Editors, Stylists and Socialites.                                                          
New York in February is COLD.  Don't try to be cute and wear stilettos because chances are you will slip on some ice and possibly break your neck!  So keep it simple and stylish with knee high boots, a coat, warm hat and colorful gloves. Next, because its cold many of the "invited guests" will be no shows (I wouldn't leave my warm hotel bed either).  So what this means is that show producers and their assistants might be scouring the area outside of the tents and inviting folks in to be stylish seat fillers (No one wants the designer to walk out to an empty house) HINT:  Being Fashionably dressed is critical.                                                                                                                                                                       
There are also other Fashion Weeks happening during NYFW and they are Open to the Public.  So if in New York during this time, check out some of the Other popular Fashion Weeks in New York!


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