Meet "The Man behind the Models" Hassan Rasul

Posted: Feb 03 2016


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Happy Wednesday Fashion Lovers and Friends! You all know, here at BRL we like to expand beyond the scope and heighten our boundaries. We take pride in looking into various aspects of Fashion, so today, my friends... we are delving a little into another specific set of lenses.

We are thoroughly excited and would like to introduce someone spectacular... somebody uniquely inspiring... and a particular individual that injects artwork beyond just basic photography... Our very own Black Russian Label photographer, friend and entrepreneur: Hassan Rasul. He is whom we affectionately call, "The Man behind the Models".

THE MAN BEHIND THE MODELS: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH HASSAN RASUL.                                                                                                                                       

How did you initially begin photography?

I have always been interested in photography and traveled a lot. Because of the extensive traveling, there was a point that I had to upgrade to a DSLR camera in order to capture all of the images I was experiencing. Thats when my second phase of photography happened taking photos of family, fitness and friends.

What is your approach to capturing the right image?

Ever since I started shooting, my intention was never to specialize in one particular type of photography because it had too many limitations. Each photo shoot I do, I try to challenge myself and my creativity. My approach is simply to see what the client is looking for and capture exactly what they want on film. My biggest challenge in that goal is getting that final product regardless of the complexity of the shoot.

What is the most profound aspect of photography and why do you LOVE it?

Photography is a hobby that can be transformed into a profession. A hobby consists of constantly learning. No photographer has a “true” comfort zone. Techniques, shading, light, etc. What I love about photography is being able to challenge myself as a photographer. 

What is your personal advice for aspiring photographers? 

To drop your cell phone camera, and pick up a real, professional grade camera. Shoot nonstop… wherever you are, shoot everything. The more you shoot, the more you understand your camera (different techniques, lighting, etc). 

Your studio goes public this weekend! What is your personal mission for your blok studio?

To create an affordable creative fully-functional space for up and coming photographers that is a collaborative and inspiring place to work. I try to push affordability and comfort. Hassan will be hosting an open house for blok studio this Friday, February 5th from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. so please go out and support his efforts!



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