Investing in Fashionable You - Part 2 RESOURCES

Posted: Feb 25 2016

Hello my lovely Fashionistas.  First and foremost, Thank you for your responses and feedback about last week's #askjo blog!  It makes me smile when I see the value that our little ole blog is bringing to your lives! Very grateful for the support.  To piggy-back on the last blog about investing in your Art, I wanted to provide answers to many of your questions by providing you with additional resources that will help you take that all important first step! Many of you asked about illustration and sewing classes so I went ahead and provided you with a list below.

Depending on where you live, you can always use google to see exactly what services exist in your area.  Also, remember that there are Jo-Ann stores everywhere and they have a nice variety of crafting, quilting and basic sewing classes. However, I am a huge advocate of supporting local businesses so whenever possible, try to find out what exists in your local community. Below are a few of my favorites but this list by no means is all inclusive, so please do your own research.      
- The Bernina Connection
- Sewing Nuts
- Labelhorde
- The Sewin Asylum
- Sew from the Heart                                                                                                                                                               
- LabelHorde
- Scottsdale Artists school
- Shemar Art Center                                                                                                                                                              
- Arizona Art Supply
- Blick Art Materials
- Jerry's Artarama
- Posner's Art Store
- Michael's
Investing in yourself and your Art is a life long process and journey. So sit back, experiment, learn and most importantly, Enjoy the ride!
   BE BRAVE...
BE YOU....


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