Fascinating People: Phoenix Fashion Week

What makes a person “fascinating”?  I’d say they must be multi-faceted… exude passion, talent, creativity,  have lots of interesting things to say and lots of plans for exciting things to do…and of course, they achieve success as the result of all of these things, along with great ideas and hard work. Meet Joanna de’Shay, designer, entrepreneur, student, teacher, MBA, speaker, and owner of Black Russian Label, contemporary, artistic women’s apparel. I had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with Joanna earlier this week.
Q. You hold a BA in Business Marketing , and an MBA in Organizational Management, as well as a Fine Arts Masters Degree in Fashion Design. Did you pursue these degrees with the idea of opening your own fashion house?

A. Initially, no. I’m a marketer and I love fashion, but I knew I needed a fashion education and business background and wanted a career in the industry, but I also knew what I didn’t want which was to not be able to create my own aesthetic. So I decided to open my own company.
Q. What inspired you to name your company Black Russian Label?
A. I was born on the western coast of Africa, and my father was Nigerian, but my mother was Russian. You company needs to be representative of who you are, not just what you do. Black Russian Label is that representative identity.
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