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FASHION MENTORS - A critical piece of the Fashionable Pie.

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

As you start your Fashion Career, you will soon find that not everyone is as generous with their time, expertise or knowledge as you would like. Finding a mentor in the Fashion space can be difficult but not impossible. Fashion folks tend to keep things close to the vest and are often times afraid that you will come in and try to take over their job. See this business is fast paced and for the young. Yes I said it, as seasoned as many designers are, there is always the fear that a new Design graduate will come in and make that Designer or brand feel almost obsolete. By the way, that perspective is simply not true and most young Design graduates relish in the opportunity to learn from Designers that are doing what they aspire to do!

"I want to encourage Fashion Designers and Fashion professionals to change their mind-set to one of abundance and develop a mantra that says "THERE IS ENOUGH".

Now for a young Fashion Designer, Stylist or Fashion Marketer, finding a few Mentors is imperative in your understanding and navigation of the Fashion Industry. Yes, it can be scary but very few things that you are bold enough to do in life aren't! The very first thing you must do is spend some time with yourself to determine exactly what TYPE of Mentor you need in this stage of your career. Mentors are often times professionals that are very busy people and have little time for calls or meetings to "pick their brains". This personally drives me crazy as I barely have time for coffee with my own friends and what I am certainly not going to do is take that time to have coffee with you to just chat! Now with that said, if you have something you need from me, Advice, review of a resume, look at sketches for feedback or to help you get your business plan going then I am all in. I love mentoring Young Designers and for anyone that knows me, I will always help but you have to be smart about how you ask for the help. Mentoring is extremely rewarding and I want to encourage Fashion Designers and Fashion professionals to change this mind-set to more of one of abundance and develop a mantra that says "THERE IS ENOUGH".

Mentors are there to provide you with guidance, but if you don't have an idea of where it is you want to go, it makes that process much harder. Have an idea of what you need in the short term and also what your long term goals are. Know if you need an introduction to someone, a job or just a person to bounce ideas of. Remember that these individuals are extremely busy, so don't waste their time. Having a mentor to navigate the complicated Fashion Industry can be crucial to your success and development. So take a deep breathe, make a list of people you would love to mentor you and send off that email (after spell-checking it of course) and forge forward!

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