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This Month was probably the worse month of my Adult Life and I had to hit the pause button and just focus on what is important to me and that is family. I contemplated not even writing a blog about my family tragedy, as though I was just some Fashion Robot with no feelings who only cared about clothing, styling and Fashion. The truth is I too am a person and I too grieve and mourn and get hit in the face full on with LIFE so hard that it feels like I might just suffocate and stop breathing. On March 2nd at 3:00 p.m., my life was turned upside down as my AMAZING Mother, Galina Salawu, who was a big part of the creation of my Brand passed away. She was ill and was on Hospice care but that didn't make it any easier when she transitioned. I will say that I am ever so grateful that my two sisters Julie and Jacque were all there around her bedside and helped to usher her home as she took her last few breaths. Yes, heavy shit, but its all a part of Life.  This It is a pain like nothing I have ever felt and an emptiness that physically hurts and leaves you wondering if you will ever recover, ever be whole again? I find great solace in knowing that my Mom is at peace and no longer in pain and thus begins this journey of healing and adjusting to my new normal.

“When things get heavy and life gets have to stop, be still and just pray”

Part of being an Artist and Designer and opening yourself up to people and sharing your journey is to ensure that they get to see all parts of you, the good, the bad and the ugly. In this Media obsessed world, we often times only want to see people all dolled up in pictures with filters to boot. Hey listen, I too love a good filter, but I do you and myself a great injustice if I am not able to show you my scars, vulnerability and sadness when it occurs. Being your genuine, authentic self means showing those flaws and letting people see them and reassure them that it is ALL okay. See I have learned that when things get heavy and life gets real, you have to stop, be still and just pray. No this is not about Religion as those that know me know that I am not an organized Religion kind of girl, more of a Spiritual Being that believes in a greater POWER!

Love is my Religion and I will always Love BIG and Love HARD and Love with every ounce of my being. If you are not going Hard in the name of Love for everything that you do then to me, there really is no point. I love you Mom and can't wait to make you even prouder of us ALL as we carry out your Legacy.


NOVEMBER 27, 1939 - MARCH 2, 2019

Rest in Paradise Mom

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